Transfer 9



August 14, 2017 “Semana 6”

This week was very very special–Yesterday, after sacrament meeting, IdêMarie was baptized!!

It was literally a celestial moment– Robson, Ivanete and their family were inactive for a few years, but are coming back into activity because of their sweet girl and their sons are the age to prepare for a mission. Yesterday, Hyrum (Idêmarie´s bother) baptized her and Irmão Robson conferred the gift of the Holy Ghost–I don´t know how to describe the feeling that was there. It was as if the room was full of, not just people, but full of angels. It was super beautiful and it really strengthened my testimony that the priesthood really was restored and that Christ lives and guides His church. The church is true! There is no other place, nor moment that we could have felt the things that we felt at Idêmarie´s baptism. It was just so sweet. Truly Celestial.
Also this week we talked to a lot more people in the street and taught a lot more lessons! It was so good. The more people we talk to, the greater chance we have to find the Lord´s elect.
Also, today is the first day of my last transfer! That´s so crazy! Me and Sister Libanio aren´t companions anymore! 😦 We´re going to be picking up our new companions at the bus terminal this afternoon–my new companion will be Sister Fernandes! I have no idea who she is, but it will be good!
I know that our Savior lives. He loves us. This is His church!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
August 21, 2017 “Semana 5”

his week was super rad! We worked our socks off and found 13 new people to teach!! Woo hoo!

I have almost 0 time left sorry folks! But the first week of the transfer was full of miracles, rain rain raaiiinnn and also, we laughed a LOT.
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
 August 28, 2017 “Semana 4”

This week was so good. SO GOOD!

We are teaching the dad of one of our recent-converts–Jaimi. He has so many problems and difficulties–principally with drinking. He really has the desire to change but struggles a lot. We brought two members of the ward with us to teach him about the Book of Mormon and talked about how much it will help him. The two members that came with us passed through the same thing with addictions and drinking but found strength throught the Book of Mormon– And Jaimi is reading!!
Also, Juliano, our future missionary!! He came to church on Sunday!! Woo hoo!!
And the other Juliano that the other sisters were teaching was baptized on Sunday morning!! It was so special!!
Other wonderful things happened this week but time is running out! I learned a lot this week about the pure love of Christ–He never forgets His children!
Love you all!
Sister Cox
September 4, 2017 “3 Semanas”


This week was a good one!–well, it was kind of strange. I got sick this week! So we lost a day of work, but I got better! I think it was the first time since my training that I´ve had to stay at home because I´ve gotten sick. But I won´t get sick again. 😉
Buuutttt Jaimi is progressing!!!! 8 days without drinking!!! We´re so happy for him! We went to church this Sunday, but he didn´t stay for sacrament meeting. He left early and we didn´t even have time to catch him before he left– there were some other investigators that decided to come to church just to see how it is. So we were talking with them to see if we could visit them to share a message another day at their houses and in the process, Jaimi left! Noooooo! But its ok…next week… But yeah, the people that came to church–Tiago came with his girlfriend and he´s also our neighbor lol So we´re gonna be going to teach him on Tuesday! And Rafael–a pastor from another church came to just see how our meetings are. He didn´t want to pass us his address to receive a message. Que pena, né?
Juliano juliano juliano. We´re trying to help him have real intent and read the Book of Mormon. But he´s started living the Word of Wisdom! So thats rad!
Also we had Zone Conference this week! And it was all about the Power of the Book of Mormon. We started walking about with the Book of Mormon in our hand to do contacts in the street and everywhere and it makes a huge huge difference! I was like, “What the heck and I´m learning to do this NOW???“ Oh my goodness the Book of Mormon is literally something magical.
I love you all!!
Tenha uma boa semana!
Sister Cox
September 11, 2017 “2 Semanas”
This week was so crazy–it was Independence Day of Brazil on Thursday!! So, since we are in the beach área, there were tooonnnssss of people here from Curitiba and various other cities. Alllll tourists. But, it was ok! Everyone was at home because no one left town to travel because they´re already here by the beach! Blessings. But seriously–in the U.S. the Holiday is one day. 4th of July, we celebrate on the 4th of July. But here, every Holiday lasts 4 or 5 days. haha
But it was seriously so strange to see everything so crowded this week.
We taught a new investigator this week–super elect–Flora! She´s 9 years old and she was the one that found us! It was so crazy. We were walking down the street one day and she was walking home from school. She stopped us and asked “Are you the Jehova´s Witnesses?“ And we were like “No, we´re the Mormons! Have you heard of the Mormons?“ and she was like “Yes! I learned about them at school!“ Umm….school? Ok. We got her address and said we would pass by to visit her (um, dangerous. the 9 year old passed her address to total stangers. good thing we´re representatives of Jesus Christ.) We went to visit and her grandma didn´t want to let us in– she was like “Don´t waste your time here–I´m already Catholic and I´m not going to be changing my religion any time soon.“ But Flora was standing right there dying of excitment because we had actually showed up at her house–and she started begging her grandma to let us in. We told her our message talks about Jesus Christ and how we can grow closer to him. In the end she let us in and the Lord totally softened her heart. She let Flora come to church with us and  Rossana–Flora´s grandma–even called us the next day saying that she´s acutally not Catholic and she wants to start going to church with us!! What?! #milagressãoreais
Also, we didn´t get an opportunity to teach Jaimi much this week– because he was selling Churros on the beach all week long–but at the end of the day one day, we went to see him and buy churros! He´s been reading the Book of Mormon and still hasn´t been drinking! This week, now that the Holiday weekend is over, he will be at home–so we can keep teaching him and help him accept a baptism date!
Boa semana pra vcs!
Sister Cox
September 17, 2017  “Semana 1”
No Email….
So I will write something here.
It is a privilege to be called to carry God’s message. The person who is asked to carry a treasure with them and deliver it in countless ways and at a moments notice sometimes with great sacrifice and hardship to themselves is automatically yoked with our Savior, Jesus Christ.
“Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.” Doctrine and Covenants 123:17
I love you Sister Emma Cox. Thank you for your service to your earthly and heavenly family.

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