Transfer 8

brasil_brazil_tropical_floral_rainforest_birds_art_classic_round_sticker-r6e464bdc1036494295619b17025c79f3_v9waf_8byvr_324July 10, 2017 “Baillão”

OK! So I will take some time to write a group email.

This week was crazy good–we are preparing 4 people to be baptized! Some of them might take more time, but others are SET!
IdêMarie–she´s gonna be baptized this week! And actually, it won´t count as our mission´s baptism. It´s the ward´s baptism. But, Marie is 8 years old and her family was less-active until now. They´ve decided to come back to church! So the bishop asked us to help prepare her and teach her to be baptized. She´s such a sweetheart. I´ve loved teaching her!
Mauro–so he´s kind of strange… On the way back from a district meeting, I started talking to him on the bus and gave him a Book of Mormon. We agreed to listen to our message and we got his address. But when we went to his house, he lives alone, so we couldn´t enter his house. So we taught him outside. And he even read the Book of Mormon and accepted a baptism date and went to church the next day (last suday)!! So elect right?? Except that…he kind of has a crush on the American sister. GAH. So lame. So when we followed up with him this last week, my new companion totally ROASTED him with our purpose and why we´re here and who we are, etc and we taught him about baptism and the plan of salvation and what it means to be baptised. So he got a little toasted. He didn´t go to church yesterday…but we´ll be following up with him this week!
Lucas and Isabelle– 20 and 17 couple. They´re crazy–like, parties and dancing crazy. But Lucas accepted a baptismal date! But then Satan invited him to a party saturday night and so the next day, they didn´t go to church.
But its all good! We´re finding lots of awesome investigators and working hard doing our best.
Also I talked to an old guy in the grocery store about the gospel and ended up being invited to a party to dance with him…and then go to his house… and it was very strange….crazy elderly brazilian men…
But the church is true and I love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
July 17, 2017 “Semana de Milagres!”

Soooo if I were to write down eeevvveerrryyytthhiinnngggg that happened this week, you would all die. Or maybe not die, but it would rock your socks off (I don´t think that´s even a real expression, but you get the picture)

First, let be talk about Isabelle–she´s 17 and so cute and she has accepted to be baptized on August 5th! Her life isn´t the easiest and when we taught her the first time, she opened up a lot to us. As we have been teaching her, I´ve loved testifying that she has a Father in Heaven who loves and cares about her. And that as we follow His son, Jesus Christ being baptized by one who has the proper authority, we are able to feel of His infinite love and peace. We can be new people and she can have an eternal family someday. We got to go to church with her and acompany her in Young Womens–it was so good! It was all about covenants and baptism! haha She liked it a lot!
Also, we went to find new people to teach one day felt to knock doors on a particular street–but not just start with any house, but walk allllll the way to the eeeeennnnndddd of the street. So we followed the Spirit and knocked on the last door. And this lady answered and it was one of those people that are like “I´m going to answer the door even though I don´t want to because that´s what good people do, but I already have my religion and Jesus in my life and these girls don´t really know anything that I don´t already know“ and she didn´t let us in to hear our message. So we were like “What the?? Whyyyyy?“ But then we started going back up the street knocking doors and everyone was rejecting us, BUT THEN, this guy walked out and was like, “What church are you from??“ and us, bracing ourself for one more rejection, introduced ourselves and asked to share a message and he accepted! We entered and he was like “Oh wait, my wife is on her way“ So we waited and when she arrived, she brought news that her good friend had just passed away–and there we were, ready to share about the Plan of Salvation! It was so cool! There were 5 people there to listen and accepted another visist to learn more about the restored gospel. It was a miracle!
And later that day, we went to teach our investigator, Márcio, who is athiest. We got to share with him about faith and taught from Alma 32. And the spirit was so simple and sweet as we testified of how we can grow our faith in Christ and how it will help us change our lives and overcome challenges. When we read in Alma, he was like “Wow, its like literally me!“
So this week was full of faith growing and miracles! Way cool! That´s all I have time for, but I love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
July 24, 2017
The closer I get to coming home, the more I love the mission and the more joy I feel. Its gonna be really rough having to leave this place. Especially this ward! This ward is so crazy–but I loooovvveeee thhiiiissss aarrreeeaaaa!!! I feel so much joy here! And sharing the gospel! And we have progressing investigators!
July 31, 2017 “Tá difícil–tô sendo mordida até o pó”

So this week was a good one–it was kinda slow, but it was good.

– Our athiest investigator prayed that his water would turn on soon and right after he said amen, the water turned on #faithbomb!
-We got stuck at an investigators house for three hours because she was preaching to us about how   “`Sunday` “ is a day made by MEN—Domingo foi feito por Satanás!  `Sunday´ was made by SATAN.“ and how the world is coming to an end. We tried explaing the Lord´s day and about the restoration–but it didn´t really work out… it was crazy.
-There was an almost state-wide black out and it was really crazy–because it was night time and walking in the street at night and its a black out and theres wilderness everywhere–lets just say, I was super excited  “Woo hoo! Only on the mission!“ and my companion was dying of fear. But it worked out. We lived 🙂 haha
-We marked a baptism date with Marilene! She´s already sharing the gospel with everyone she knows! She´s awesome! We´re going to be trying to teach her about the word of wisdom this week–it will be great!
-I´ve had alergic reactions to bug bites this week. FUNNNN.
The Church is true! The Book of Mormon is true! The Gospel is true and its really good news!
Love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
ps. no pictures still because the computers at the internet cafe aren´t too great. :,(
August 7, 2017

Thiiisss week was a week of little miracles–there are some weeks that we find lots of new people, they progress, they go to church, they want to be baptized,etc!! And those weeks are so rad.

But this week was a week of little miracles.
-Our investigators with baptism date started avoiding us, but we got to teach his cousin about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.
-Another investigator is moving away, but they will be moving to Paranaguá, and its the Elders´area there, and so they will be able to help Washinton a lot more. Also, they will have more time to go to church! Until now, they haven´t made it to church because they´re super busy with their other church–but now they will be able to go!
-Zone Conference!
-On the bus on our way back from the conference, I sat next to a man and about 20 minutes into the drive and noticed he was crying. I started talking to him and his wife is in the hospital and he´s super worried he´s going to lose her. They´ve been married 37 years. I got to tell him about the atonement and the plan of salvation and the temple–how he can have an eternal family. He doesn´t live in our area, but he gave us his address so the missionaries can contact him!
We´ve been emphasizing a lot in our lessons about the Book of Mormon–its the keystone of our religion and contains a fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is what makes us different! Its more of God´s word revealed for our days! It really responds the questions of our souls. I love the Book of Mormon and what it teaches us about Jesus Christ and the miracles He works in our lives.
READ the Book of Mormon. Its the best book on earth! and the most correct!
I love you all!
Last week of the transfer! Next week there are going to be some changes around here–so maybe it´ll be a little crazy haha
Send me emails people! I love mission advice and I love to hear about your lives!!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
-Maitê, the cousin of one of our investigators drew princesses on our hands…haha
-our washing machine broke a few weeks ago and my companion and I intulated a new washing machine. #whoneedsmen
-Minha companheira linda de São Paulo!

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