Transfer 7



May 23, 2017 “Tchau Curitiba! Hola praia!”

Olá da praia de Matinhos!

So this week I was transfered from the city to the beach! I´m so pumped its rediculous! The transfer I was really nooot expecting, at all. Sister Miranda and I were only together for 5 weeks! Não é suficiente! Mas tudo bem.
But this week we were working to help Benedita accept a baptismal date. She´s literally so cute–she´s a small, plump little lady who lives alone and loves loves children. She doesn´t know how to read, so all of her grandkids and daughters and in-laws that go to check on her almost daily read to her. And she´s been having them read the Book of Mormon to her. She knows that the Book of Mormon is true and believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but doesn´t feel that God will let her accept to be baptized because of her past. We´ve been trying to help her understand that repentance is real, but so is forgiveness. She made some good progress this week and really felt God´s love for her and her family. Since she doesn´t know how to read, we have been teaching one day, reading with her another day, so that her testimony of the Book of Mormon can be strengthened along with helping her along with keeping other commitments. She´s wonderful! Sister Miranda will take good care of her!
Also Eddy, our friend from Haiti, is firme forte to be baptised on the 3rd of June! He´s having a really hard time finding a job and learning the language, but I know that if he keeps enduring just a little longer, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost will help him to learn the language. The Lord will bless him for his obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We received the transfer Sunday night at 11 o´clock and allllll day Monday we were in the process of transfering! It was crazy! I was with Sister Kehr (americana) and we took a taxi from the mission office to the bus station. There we met up with my new companion, Sister Santos (from Acre, Brazil–northern brazil!) and Sister Kehr´s companion, Sister Gomes. We arrived a little bit late–me, Sister Kehr and Sister Gomes bought our tickets, but then there weren´t enough seats on the bus for Sister Santos (that´s kind of rediculous because the buses are huge) and so I had to buy another ticket for another bus for later. And so Sister Kehr and Sister Gomes left us without a cell phone and we showed up later. We arrived really late and there was no one at the bus station to pick us up, so we had to call the assistents from a pay phone at the bus station so that they could call someone in the area to come get us. We finally got to our house, but there is only enough beds and tables and things for 2 sisters. So last night we pushed the 2 matresses together and all slept on the floor. It was very interesting. Needless to say, didn´t sleep much. But it was fun!
Today we got more beds and everything is waiting at our house to be put together! We live three blocks away from the BEEAACCHHH and we are super excited now to do our morning excercises and start working in this area! I´ve heard that the people here are super receptive!! Whoo hoo!!
Boa semana pra vocês! Vamos ter batismo logo logo!!
Sister Cox
Packing up! Boxes withith boxes!
Sister Miranda! Looovveee herrr!! So sad we only had 5 weeks together!
On the way to our new area–its soooo beautiful! 3 hours out of the city Curitiba!


May 29, 2017 “Lost lost loooosstttt….”

This week we got lost a lot. And in the process of getting lost, lots of hilarious things happened. And we got very wet–because it rains a lot here. For example–

We were looking for an address of a referal we received from the other pair of Sisters. In the process of looking for this address, went down the same street 4 times. And every time we walked down the street, we passed by a house and every time we passed by the house, Sister Santos would look over at the window of the house, and see the people inside talking and doing their thing. (Also it was raining and it was night time). The fourth time we passed by the house, we stopped in the front and I was looking at the map trying to find the street. Meanwhile, Sister Santos stopped right in front of the window where the people were talking and was kind of just day-dreaming there. But then we noticed that the people in the house had noticed her and were pointing out the window at the strange woman in the street. Then sister Santos says “Do they think I´m a lost soul or something…? Ok, then I´ll act like lost soul“ (All while I was trying to read the map in the dark and totally not paying attention to what was happening) So Sister Santos acted like a lost soul from a horror movie, looking straight into the window of the house, using a broken umbrella in the rain, at night, with a really freaky lost alma facial expression. Then there was a woman sitting with her back to the window and she turned around to see Sister Santos through the window and literally let out a scream! Right at this moment I figured out where we were supposed to go and started walking and Sister Santos also—it wasn´t until after Sister Santos explained what had happened that I understood why the woman screamed. I totally died laughing! These poor people…
But anyyywaaayysss—this week was lots of getting to know the area and the members and fixing the mess that was our house. But yesterday we got to see all the members and have ward coucil and we went out to teach with a member–we visted her friend, Rose. The members here are sooo good! And really, missionary work here is alive and moving forward because of the members! They share the gospel with their friends and love those that come to church for the first time and are genuinly concerned for these people! It´s wonderful and I can´t wait to see miracles happen here!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox





June 5, 2017

We found some families with lots of potencial and I made cookies for my companions!



This is the other apartment in front of our house and also the city Matinhos fits between these gorgeous hills and the beach.




June 12, 2017 “Summing up!”

So I don´t have much time, but this week was a good one! Some key events:

-We went running on the beach one morning for our morning excercise and the next two days we were totally dead haha but it was worth it!
-One day it was super hot in the morning and so we left our umbrellas at home–but later, it was night time and got really cold and starting raining. And we had planned to knock doors–so we starting knocking and the first door we knocked on a lady answered and let us in. She doesn´t have a religion because she´s been waiting for someone who can answer her questions about where we go after this life, and about what happens to our families–We explained the Plan of Salvation and really wants to go to church with us! It was a miracle!
-We passed by a drugged-up man in the street totally fighting with someone—but there was no one there…That happens kind of a lot…
-The other companionship of sisters are going to have a baptism this coming week! Woohoo!
-I found out that our totally elect haitian investigator, Eddy, was baptised last Saturday!! Woo hoo! I was so happy for him!
-We got lost one night and had to walk by the beach for 40 minutes one night to get home–I think its probably the best way we could have gotten lost haha
This next week we will be having our Zone Conference! Its gonna be awesome!
That´s all folks! Love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
ps. I am literally the worst at taking pictures…Sister Kehr has all the pictures we took from this week. But next time I´ll send more!
June 19, 2017 “So short”
Weeelll I have almost 0 time again but here´s the rundown of this week!:

-ZONE CONFERENCE! Its always just too good! Our zone is so teeny tiny but it´s so much better to have zone conference with just one zone! We went to eat Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) and it was so awesome! Of course, I was sitting close by a Sister who is Gaúcha and Gaúchos loooovvveee BBQ and they know about every kind of meat and which ones are the best–so it was great!

-The other sisters had a baptism!! And we were able to have investigators at the baptism to watch and feel the Spirit working! Me and Sister Kehr sang some hymns with suprano/alto parts and it was sooo good! We sang in english How Great Thou Art and we both forgot the words hahaha

-We are here in Curitiba today because Sister Santos had to go to the dentist! So while we are here, I took advantage and bought social pants! lol because the sisters can use pants now! I was almost eaten alive by mesquitos this week so it had to be done! I´ll send pictures next week!

Love you all!!

Boa semana!

Sister Cox

June 26, 2017 “Just call me Sister Pants”
Thiiisss week was interesting.

But it was good! On Monday we went to Curitiba because my companion had a dentist appointment. And since it takes 3 hours bus ride from Matinhos to Curitiba, we sent emails from there–but the only lanhouse(internet cafe) there close to the bus terminal is in the mall. Soooo we went to the mall. And I got permission to go into the mall to buy…drum roll…PANTS! Social pants. And I used those babies alllll week. ITS THE BEST. Because here in Matinhos, there is lots of water. And with water comes mesquitos. And with mesquitos comes Dengue fever. And the past few weeks, I´ve been getting a lot of mesquito bites. Solution: pants! Its the best. I feel very revolutionary.
Also, we had divisions this week! So we woke up early and went running on the beach and it was glorious. Also we took a few pictures… 🙂
We have a lot of fantastic investigators really searching for the truth! We are teaching a young family and they are wonderful–the only problem is that its super hard to find them alll at home to teach them, especially the father. The hardest thing is helping them to come to church! Its so so hard!! But with Christ, we can do anything!
Overall I have been learning a lot about patience and charity. And faith. But also I realized this week how much I love being a missionary! Its wonderful!
That´s all I have time for!
I love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox


July 3, 2017 “Transfers”

I only have 2 minutes left–I don´t think I´ll be able to send a group email!

We marked a date with an investigator! Transfers! New companion! 12 weeks!
Love you bye!

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