Transfer 6

March 20, 2017 “Compartilhar O Evangelho Restaurado!”

Olá gente!
This week was so good–we had Zone Conference and learned about how we can share the message of easter with everyone! We started using the vídeo “Graças a Ele“ when we go knocking doors and people are so much more receptive when they hear that we would like to share a vídeo about Jesus Christ and easter. It gets us in the door and gives us an opportunity to mark a day to come back and share about the Restoration. Its so good! I love Easter! We found some amazing new investigators this way!
We also found a new investigator, Irene. Irene was an ex-investigator that had a baptismal date but the date fell-through and we don´t even know why–but she accepted to be baptized April 8th! She came with us to a Ward activity and we even got some more referrals from the members!
Its getting colder!! Its so crazy! Sorry this email is a little…little.
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Cox
March 27, 2017 “Batismo de Ouro!”
This week we were a part of the great journey of Marcelo toward eternal life! After 2 years of receiving the missionaries he was baptized and received the Holy Ghost! It was one of the sweetest experiences I´ve had yet on the mission and an experience I will never forget! He has had so many trials with mental problems and medicines that don´t work and so many things and he has been searching for a way of relief. He believed that baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost would help him find relief–and he was baptised. Marcelo is so timid and serious–and when he showed up to his baptism, he was very serious. But when he came up out of the water, he was smiling and as he conversed with all the brothers and sisters that came to his baptism (that weren´t very many), he was laughing de verdade! And when he received the Holy Ghost, he was absolutely filled with light! Such a big change in less than a full day and it was a miracle and the greatest joy to see!
But I know that its not just the missionaries that can feel the joy of helping someone come unto Christ–its any member of the true church! And Elder Oaks and Christ have shown us how! In three simple steps, you can share the gospel with the Lord´s elect–
Elder Oaks taught last general conference in his talk “Share the Restored Gospel“ 3 ways to start sharing the Gospel:
1. Pray to have the desire to share the Gospel.
2. Keep the commandments.
3.Pray to have inspiration about what we should do in our individual circumstances to share the gospel–pray with real intent, or with the commitment to act on the answer you receive. “As we demonstrate faith, opportunities will come without any obligated or forced answer. They will flow as a natural result of our love for our brothers and sisters.“
Elder Oaks also taught 7 ways to not only share the Gospel, but share the Gospel effectively:
1. Testify of the effect the Gospel has in your life.
2.Invite others to learn about Jesus Christ and His Gospel, not just to learn about the church.
3. Serve our neighbors and friends with love and empathy.
4. Don´t limit ourselves to only our circle of friends. Here on the mission I´ve learned so much that I literally to know anyone–but when there´s someone prepared to hear the Gospel from you, it´s as if you´ve known them forever, and they´ve known you forever too. This was the case of my dear friend Luciana. And she was introduced to the church at Pizza Hut from the mission president from the mission that covers the northern part of Curitiba–from someone she didn´t even know. But she was prepared! There are people prepared for you too!
5.Leaders and teachers (whether president of the beehives or elders quorum) can set apart one sunday planned especially for those who are being introduced to the Gospel.
6. All of us know many who´s lives would improve by the Restored Gospel. Are we reaching out to them?
7. Social media. LETS GO YOUTH!
I love you all and challenge you all to share the gospel using the tools and testimony that the Lord has given each one of us! Vamos lá!
Boa Semana!
Sister Cox
ps. this was a rough translation from Elder Oak´s talk that I read in portuguese so its probably a good idea to go read the actual talk in english haha
April 3, 2017 “Graças damos, ó Deus, por um profeta”
This week was quite interesting–Sister Martínez and I have been running into a lot of crazy people…and some of them, multiple times. We talk to them and try to share a little bit about the restored gospel but most of the time, they start trying to sell us something. Like yesterday, we were talking to a guy and when we invited him to church he was like “You know, I work at this pizza place and we´re having a sale–its X$ for 2 pizzas!“ But last week, there was a man that came up to us in the street and was like, “Hey, you got my contact information and I´ve been waiting for a visit!“ So we marked a day to go visit him and what do you know—We found a family! He has a wife and two kids! Something we weren´t really expecting based on his appearance. Just goes to show that no matter what, don´t judge a book by its cover! Everyone is a child of God. We are going to be following up with them this week!
Irene is going to be baptized this week! She´s reading two chapters of the Book of Mormon every day and is so good. She´s really quiet and doesn´t interact with a whole lot of people, but she´s very in tune with the Spirit–every time she reads the Book of Mormon, she feels good inside and she feels peace. And she´s living the Word of Wisdom so easily! I know its because the Lord really does prepare people to receive the Gospel and He loves His daughter, Irene.
Marcelo is so good too! He was baptized this last week and me and my companion can really see a difference in his countenance–its so wonderful! He has a light that he didn´t have before, even though he was going to church every week and reading the Book of Mormon. Being baptized and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost really does change people! Baptism helps us to be reborn and the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost fills us with light! Its so special to see that change in people, even when they still have challenges to overcome. Marcelo and his family, because of their experience at his baptism, are super motivated to be obedient to all the commandments and council from living prophets. I know that remembering their spiritual experiences will help them through hard times!
We got to watch General Conference live at our Stake Center–it was so good! I received a lot of answers to a lot of questions and doubts–I know that Heavenly Father answers our fasting and prayers. Maybe its not in our time, but if we keep asking and have real intent and faith in His, an answer always comes. I love President Monson and know he´s a prophet of God! Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Prince of Peace.
Boa semana! Amo vocês!
Sister Cox
This week was cold and also I made tortillas! 🙂
April 10, 2017 “I have no time – Part 1 and 2”

We went to invite an investigator to Irene´s baptism and he gave us peices of fried was interesting…

Irene´s baptism!! Whoot woot!
We ate hamburger and hot dog at a member´s consession stand across the street from the church 🙂


We ate chile, cheese bread, and Cami turned 16 this week and so I had to remember! Woot woot!



April 17, 2017 “Plano de Felicidade :)”

This week was quite interesting–as always haha

This week I learned a little bit about the role we play in helping others feel the Spirit, and more importantly, the role Jesus Christ plays in helping others feel the Spirit.
Sister Martínez and I had been teaching the Plan of Salvation in a way that we weren´t really teaching the Atonement in an effective way. We were in a lesson with our investigator Danielle, and we taught the whole Plan of Salvation and we got to the end and I realized I hadn´t really talked about Christ´s role–that´s a huge no no!! The Spirit testified the same thing to Sister Martínez–we hadn´t talked or testified of Christ! What?? Who does that?? So we decided to study together about the Atonement of Jesus Christ in the Plan of Salvation–it was a wonderful experience. I learned (or, more like re-learned) of physical death, spiritual death, and trials. That seriously, our life without Christ is nothing but darkness and trials and death. Its awful. Super duper horrifically awful. That only through Christ, we will be resurrected. And through the gospel of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end) we overcome spiritual death. And throught he atonement, we can have peace and comfort. And only then, we can have joy.
After studying more, we had another opportunity to teach the Plan of Salvation to a very elect family, João and Maria and their son Iuri. And this time, we explained and taught Christ´s role in our lives clearly and simply. As we ended the lesson, the Spirit was so sweet and so clear. Testifying of Christ brings the Spirit of revelation.
Really. Because as we ended and prayed, the family offered us food. But we have been told by our leaders that when we accept food after a lesson, it drives the Spirit away. So we denied the food. But then the Spirit told us to accept the food. It was very strange. We even left the house not accepting the food. But Sister Martínez and I felt so strongly we needed to go back and accept the food. It was so strange, but we repented for not listening to the first prompting and went back. They were really happy! I don´t know why the Spirit would tell us to stay and eat food at an investigator´s house. Sometimes the Spirit tells us to do things we don´t understand. But I do know that I felt so much peace as we followed the prompting. I don´t know what difference it made to João and Maria and their progress in accepting the Gospel, but I do know that it made a difference in my progress in learing to recognize and follow the Spirit and the peace that it brought to me and we follwed the Spirit.
I love studying about the Gospel and what difference it makes in our lives–and actually, and more importantly the difference that Christ makes in our lives. And being able to see it work day after day. We have infinite chances to start over and in the end, everything that is unfair in this life will be made fair through the atonement.
I don´t have pictures because this internet café doesn´t let us upload pictures.
But I´m so grateful for easter and for second chances!
This transfer Sister Martínez was transferred to Campo Comprido and I stayed here in Acordes. My new companion is Sister Miranda from Argentina!
Love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox


April 24, 2017 “Nossa lei é trabalhar, trabalhar!”

This week we worked até o pó da terra! It was so good!

We did a lot of following up and finding this week–we followed up with some couples and families that are having difficulties coming to church. Everyone sleeps or travels on weekends. Gah. Tá bom.
Yesterday we were at church and a young man showed up that we had never met–his name is Eddie! He´s from Haiti and he came to investigate the church all by himself. He´s very receptive and we marked an appointment to meet with him this week–he´s been in brazil for a year already, but we will be teaching with Madeleine. Madeleine will help us teach because she is from Haiti and is a recent convert in the ward. She´s so good! She teaches so clearly and knows the doctrine of the Gospel.
We also followed up with Emerson and Ewellen–they didn´t come to church because they thought we were going to call them to confirm going to church. But they accepted to be baptized! They´re not married yet, so we gotta help them get married so they can be baptized. And this next week we will be following up with them and help them come to church on Sunday!
I love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
May 1, 2017 “Chamados a Servir”
This week was absolutely crazy—but that´s normal! And it was good!

This week we went to the center of the city two times because my companion had to fix her visa and documents to preach the Gospel legally here in Brazil. It was an adventure, because the day we had to go to the federal police department, the city buses weren´t functioning because everyone was on strike (there´s a law that the government here is trying to enforce about retirment age and everyone is super mad about it), so we had to wait a long time for taxis to come get us to get to the center and to get back home. It took a looonnggg time….but it was good! There were 12 missionaries in our group–mainly Americans to renew visa. I already renewed mine, so I was just there with my companion to tag along.
We also had a Mission Tour this week! Elder Aidukairis from the seventy came to do a training with us. It was very good–alllll of us called to repentance in many things like planning, studying, teaching. Everything–but we learned and thank goodness that we can repent. I learned lots about that part of the doctrine of Christ this week. Repentance is when we change and improve. We have to feel guilty at the beginning, but that´s like the batery of the car that will ignite the engine. After that, as we take the sacrament and ask the Lord for help, the Spirit and power of the Atonement becomes our fuel. And then we can start moving forward and progressing. And we are changing things and trying our best to help this area progress!
This week we had a ward missionary activity where the members went out to distribute pass-along cards. Me and my companion split up and I went with one of the Irmãs in the ward. We had our map and I asked her “Ok–here´s our map and the streets that we can follow. Let´s follow the Spirit and see which street calls our attention.“ She pointed to the same street that called my attention too and we went to start knocking doors and talk to people in the street. We got addresses from 6 people–and the majority of these people had met a member named Nina. I had never met Nina but the Irmã that was with me said that she had met Nina. Nina was a member of the Acordes Ward years ago–her story is way cool. She met the missionaries and said “I accept your visits but I will never be baptized into your church.“ But she took the lessons and was baptized and was an incredible member missionary until she passed away about 10 years ago– These people that we talked to, when we asked “Have you ever heard of the Mormons?“ they remembered immediately their friend Nina that invited them over to watch a church film or participate in a FHE, etc. They all remembered Nina! After 10 years of her not even being here on earth. But it just goes to show that really, the seed was planted and now the seed has grown and in the next few weeks, the fruit may be collected! Never be afraid to be a member missionary!
Love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
General Views of Arena da Baixada - FIFA World Cup Venues Brazil 2013
May 8, 2017 “È Verdade!”
Olá! So this week we had loads of people to teach and are working towards baptism with a few—but my favorite part of this week was when we taught Eddy and Neudes!

Eddy is from Haiti and is reading the Book of Mormon in Criole! This week we followed up with him and it was wonderful– its literally the best thing ever. I think the best things on the mission is the conversation about the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith: when you ask them “Did you read the Book of Mormon and pray?“ and they say “Yes.“ Internally you get excited and a little anxious and then you ask “How was it?“ and they say “It was good. Really good“ You ask “How did you feel?“ and they say “I felt good. I felt peace and confort and I felt like a burden was taken off my shoulders“ And in this moment you start jumping up and down inside knowing the Heavenly Father keeps his promises and that the Spirit had answered their prayer! And then you can ask “Do you believe the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith was a prophet?“ And when they say “Yes“ ITS THE BEST THING EVER. Obviously, that´s not the end. But its a great great beginning. With Eddy, that´s how the conversation went! Even though me and my companion teach and converse with him in Portuguese and English and todas as coisas, the Spirit is there to help! And Eddy accepted to be baptised! 03 of June!
I love the Book of Mormon and know that its the word of God and I know that this is the only true church. I´m super inperfect in teaching and explaining that to people–but I hope that they can understand. The Gospel is just too good to deny!
Also, Mother´s Day! Mothers are amazing and don´t forget to tell your mother you love her!
Boa semana pra tudos vocês!
Sister Cox
One more pair of shoes down! Whoo hoo! And I ran into some members from my first area! They´re so cute!
May 15, 2017 “Não falo criolo…”
I don´t have too much time to write but this week was a pretty good one!

We have been teaching Eddy and he´s progressing well! He is really seeking the truth and is trying really hard to do his best to follow Christ and to progress in the language (he´s still learning Portuguese) and everything. He went to church on Sunday and is firme forte to be baptized on the 3rd of June!
This week we had to cut a lot of people from our teaching pool because they weren´t progressing. People here are so nice and receive us really well–but keeping up with commitments is a toughy. It was kind of a bummer, but this week we´re determined to find the Lord´s elect and help them come to know of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Boa semana pra vocês! Até mais!
Sister Cox

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