Transfer 5 – A Whole Hand

January 23, 2017

“Zoo Transfers!”

Hello everyone!

So this week I have no time because I´m being transfered! After 6 months in Campo Comprido, I will be transfered to Acordes– mission President took the Elders out and is putting in Sisters–so me and another Sister will be the first sisters to work there!
Also, I´m 20! It was super fun to have a birthday here! Some members did a suprise party and later that week our district did a party for another sister and me haha We ate lots of cheese bread and cake!
Lots of baptisms to come in this area–Campo Comprido! I´m kind of sad that I won´t be here to see them but it will all be awesome!
Love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
January 30, 2017

Oi gente! Tudo bem?

Week #1 in Ala Acordes! I´m here with my cute new companion, Sister Martínez from México! Its really hilarious when we do contacts in the street because everyone asks us about the wall that President Trump is going to build between the U.S. and México haha
We started off this week cleaning up the mess the elders left behind haha. The first thing my companion said when we entered the house was “Ewww…man smell!“ But after we got things all organized, we hit the pavement with our pass-along cards and trusty map trying to find investigators, recent converts, less actives and members. We talked to allloootttt of people trying to find street names, people, etc and we did a lot of walking and knocking. I felt like those elders in the missionary remix of “Hello“. It was great.
Our bishop is great and our ward mission leader. Our area is mega huge, but we´re excited to find all the people the Lord has prepared for us here!
I love you all! Boa semana!
Sister Cox
-the wall #lettherivalrybegin #jk #unitedbybrazil #andthegospelofjesuschrist
-my companion introduced me to a new thing—hot spice and mango…? it was very exciting to try and not too bad!
February 6, 2017
“Cachorro Quente (Hot Dog!)”

So–some quick highlights from this week because I don´t have too much time:

-We picked up a less-active family to walk to church together and a stray dog followed us alllllll the way to church (it took an hour to walk there) and then WAITED for church to end and walked with us allllll the way back. Silly thing.
-Our daily schedule changed and that doesn´t mean much to you people but it means a lot a lot to us! Our study time was cut and we can decide how we want to rearrange our schedule based on the needs of the area. It took some adjusting but we´re really excited! The Lord is putting A LOT more trust in His missionaries and excelerating His work. We have a lot more prositying time!
-I learned a lot this week about patience with myself and with others–without patience, we can´t teach by the Spirit.
I don´t have time and this week was a little dry (….lacking in baptisms…) but we´re super excited to find the Lord´s elect this week!
Love you all! Boa semana!
Sister Cox
ps. no pictures because this internet is a little fishy if ya know what I mean ;P
February 13, 2017

This week was so hard but I´m discovering that the hardest weeks are the ones that I learn the most from.

This week we went to the center of Curitiba to renew my visa and it was way rad. I don´t have much to say about it. But I really liked it! It was weird to be with a few other americans for the purpose of doing american things…haha
We saw a few miracles this week– one of them is that we showed up at our investigator´s house, Luciane, at just the right moment. She was having a hard time because she is unemployed and can´t go out to find a job because she has two little boys. She was feeling so awful and we got to tell her about how if we always seek the spiritual things first, all others will fall into place. We got to testify of the peace and comfort we feel as we read and ponder the Book of Mormon and pray to Heavenly Father about what we´re going through and how we can feel our prayers answered when we go to church. It was a lesson truly led by the Spirit because me and my companion were totally on the same page with the scriptures we shared and what we were saying. She agreed to come with us to church!
The sad part–we went to pick her up and she was sleeping. Gah. Tá bom. So we went to church. And then something really crazy happened! In the middle of sacrament meeting a random guy walked in and me and Sister Martínez recognized him. We had talked to the guy in the street the day before– actually I was talking to this guy and he wasn´t hearing me very well and he was kinda strange and so I was like “Here crazy man, here´s an invitation and the address to the church.“ Because we usually leave an invitation to go to church when the person seems a little fishy (like…using drugs strange…) But he went to church! And like it a lot! So later we went to visit him and share about the Restauration…And it was a very interesting lesson because he´s half deaf and doesn´t know how to read…So just imagine cute Sister Martínez and her cute voice and the guy isn´t understanding anything. OK, so Sister Cox takes over. Now imagine Sister Cox practically yelling the first vision. Yep…it was interesting. But the guy wants to be baptized so what´re ya gonna do??
This week I learned that our progress as missionaries and as people can´t be measured by our calling or leadership position. And in all truthfulness, our progress can´t be measured at all. Because our real personal progress comes as we learn to love others and desire for their salvation. Its something that happens on the inside and that can´t be compared to other people. And it´s what brings us the most peace and joy. Above all the commandments that Christ gave and gives today, He has taught that above allllllll of them, the greatest commandment is to love Him and then to love His children. And so with this theme of LOVE, Happy Valentines Day!
Boa semana!!
Sister Cox
ps. I found mac and cheese at the grocery store today and i was so happy.
Subway with my Mexican and we made tacos and cookies at a family night our second week here!
February 20, 2017
“Quente quente quente”


So this week was really crazy and good! We found lots of new people and are getting the hang of things. This week we finally got our ward mission leader called and set apart–so that will help a ton!
Valdemar is still going strong. Little by little. We have to teach him part by part because if we tried to teach him like any investigator, he wouldn´t catch it all because he doesn´t hear well. But he´s so funny–one day he bought us a 2L bottle of Coke, but we can´t drink coke. So he drank it all himself. The next time, he bought us a 2L bottle of orange Fanta. But we weren´t able to drink it all. So he drank the majority. The next time he bought us a normal bottle of orange Fanta–and we were fasting… Oh it was so bad… Poor guy drinking alllll this soda and he´s diabetic. So the next few days, he wasn´t able to walk properly. Oh it was so sad. But he still likes us and is praying to know that our message is true. We have lots of hopes for him!
This week was super hot. And there was one day this week literally allllll of our appointments fell through. All of our appointments and alternative plans and the alternative plans to our alternative plans. It was very sad. And there was no one in the street because it was so hot outside. It was an interesting day.
But this week, overall, was really good. We went to a lunch appointment one day and found an american guy from California that speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Tagolog (because he said all his girlfriends were from the Philipines haha) We marked a day to go visit him and teach! Our mission President is going to go with us too because he´s from California. Its gonna be awesome!
That´s all for now! Ficam firme, forte!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox
 P.S. We had a super “ratatoullie“ moment the other day when it started to rain really hard and really suddenly (typical Curitiba) and we were walking in the street and there was a huge gross rat swimming up the gutter—oohhhhh it was so grooooosssss……


February 25, 2017 “I didn’t write a group email–lol”

I did not write a group email today–so sad. But my mom doesn´t even send my emails on anyways. So its no big deal haha (ouch….:)

The temple is so wonderful and everything´s just dandy.
Boa semana!
Sister Cox


March 6, 2017 “No Subject” 🙂

This week was an adventure (what week isn´t??)

Last monday we didn´t have P-day because our Zone went to the temple! It was probably the greatest thing of my life. The temple is such a beautiful, wonderful place. Sometimes its so hard to see past all of the things people say to you in the street–good things and bad things–about the philosophies of the world and all of this confusion. But the temple always reminds me that the Church is true, really we have to have a more eternal perspective that any other person so that we can testify of eternal truths to other people–and they can feel of the same eternal love and peace and comfort that we feel in the temple. It´s literally heaven on earth.
Also this week we had divisions (me and another sister trade places for a day). And in the process of the division (it was crazy) I lost my bag (actually…another companionship of sisters lost my bag) and it was a great adventure to try and find it. But it worked out. We found it in the bishopric office haha.
Almost all of our investigators fell through this week…so that was kind of sad…But we´re excited to come up with new ideas to find new people and the Lord´s elect!
I don´t have much more time but I love you all and hope everyone has a good week!
Boa semana! Amo vocês!!
Sister Cox
pictures: after the temple with Sister de Jesus (literally greatest name ever haha) We lost my bag during divisions….
March 13, 2017 “The Lord Accepts Dandelions”

One more week in Acordes! This week was quite the adventure–my companion has been having problems with her knees and so this week we walked real slow and went to get to an MRI. Poor Sister Martínez. But she´s doing better! And we got to take advantage of being close to the mission office, and picked up my box! It arrived! Woo hoo! I loved the Peter Rabbit and everything and all the skirts–Literally, me and Sister Martínez were so excited! New skirts are like gold out here haha
Also, we´re living in a house that used to have 4 sisters, but now its just me and Sister Martínez—so the Elders from the mission office came and took all the extra stuff (beds, tables and chairs) was very strange to have elders in our house, even if it was only for a half-hour. And they inspected the house to see if it was in good condition and they looked and our oven and were like “Does this work?“ And it didn´t. And they were like “Well we have a new one. Do you want it?“ So we got a new oven/stove! So that was cool. Now we have a giant box to play with and a new oven!
This week we have been trying really hard to find new people… This area is really difficult as far as finding goes–and when you find people, helping them progress is hard too. But Jorge is so awesome! He´s practically Mormon already. Seriously. The only problem is that his fiancé doesn´t want to change her religion. And Jorge is so “peace and love“ he doesn´t want contention with his future wife. So he´s resisting being baptized. But he KNOWS it´s true and he wants so badly the blessings that come from temple marriage and eternal families. He´s trying to convince Dulce to believe too. He´s just too good.
This week I was feeling so sad because we have various investigators that know the Gospel is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mórmon is true–but they still don´t want to progress. I just don´t understand and sometimes its so frustrating! And then you´ve got everyone watching you and you have to try and be perfect and at the end of the day you just think,“Será que o Senhor aceitou o que eu tinha que oferecer hoje?“ “Could it be that the Lord accepted what I had to offer today?“ Even though its not a lot? But President Cuvilier said something I liked. He said that we are all God´s children. And when a little child brings us a dandylion, are we going to say to them “Um, what is this weed doing here? You don´t have anything better?“ Of course not! If a little child brings us a dandylion and says “I picked this for you!“, it means so much! It has so much value! And that´s how the Lord feels about us–when we feel like we have only dandylions to offer instead of roses, we can feel ok about it! That´s the miracle of the Atonement! We don´t have to be perfect in this life. Just give it our best. And if our best is a dandylion, tá ótimo!
Love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox

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