Transfer Two


September 26, 2016 “Palavrão”


So…this week the ultimate Portuguese blunder: I said a cuss word in Portuguese! I was trying to say “The cookies are in the kitchen“…and it came out wrong…so that was cool…now I know not to say the word “kitchen“ wrong!
I don´t have a lot of time to explain everything that happens during the week but here are some of the highlights:
-This week we had a ward activity about the Plan of Salvation and the Iron Rod. It was crazy. But it was good! One of our less-actives brought a whole bunch of investigators and so it was really fun!
-We´re teaching a family of Haitians! The dad of the family is a recent-convert and he´s super strong and converted. He goes to church every sunday and loves learning about the Gospel. He brings his 8-year-old daughter, Carla to church every week! Yvener and Carla speak Portuguese, but Edwine, his cute cute wife, isn´t baptised because when another set of sisters were teaching her, she could only speak French and Creole and so the sisters stopped teaching her. But now we´ve started teaching her and Guito, Yvener´s brother! Edwine understands most everything now in Portuguese. But Guito just barely arrived in Brazil two weeks ago, and he doesn´t speak any Portuguese. We were in a lesson teaching them and Sister Costa was speaking in Portuguese– my heart was just tearing because you can see in their eyes when they understand the language. And Guito was totally lost. And I´ve been through that! It was so sad! It was so sad to see and know exactly was Guito was feeling and this total lack of understanding and to feel like an alien creature that no one understands and he doesn´t understand anyone either. I think we all feel that way in some form or another at times–that no one understands us and/or we don´t understand them. And so I tried something else–I spoke to him in English! And his eyes just lit up and he smiled so big and he understood and he spoke to me too! And I got so excited to see him realize that someone understood him and he could understand someone else. And thinking about it, it just reminded me again that we all have moments, big and small, where we feel totally depressed and sad and that no one understands. But we have a Savior who understands us perfectly and He communicates with us perfectly. And when that understanding comes, that beautiful Haitian smile breaks through and we smile with our eyes too. And it just made me think again how the Atonement is to make us happy. And Jesus Christ made that possible.
Amo tudo vocês! Boa semana! Smile this week knowing that you always have a Savior who will undertand!
Love, Sister Cox
-our Tree of Life at the ward activity
-Sister Costa having a blast
-Lucas Harry Potter was the photographer at our activity. This kid is always wearing some kind of Harry Potter clothing, so everyone calls him Lucas Harry Potter haha
October 3, 2016 “Conferêcia!”
This week was full of Conference!! We had a Zone Conference and then we had General Conference!

I loved General Conference! I love that we have a living Prophet on earth today! We have 12 apostles and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ. They are inpired men and women and they speak to us for our day and our circumstances. Christ is at the head of His church. Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us. I loved the talk by Elder Rasband– NEVER forget the times when your testimony was flourishing. Never forget sacred and personal experiences where you felt the light and love and certainty of the Gospel. Never forget those who love you and what you have already accomplished. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and is the fount of the plenitude of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon! I know that eternity is real and that our convenants are real. We are part of something huge and joyful and beautiful. I love the temple and I love our leaders and our prophet and I know its all read and true.

I love you all!

Sister Cox


-walking through a park to get to the Lanhouse (internet cafe) today!

-signature tree of Curitiba

-the street we live on

-tapioca with banana

October 10, 2016 “Esperança”

I have no time left!

This week was a good one! My companion had a birthday (she´s 20 now!), we had a Zone activity, and this coming week I´ll have 6 months on the mission already!
This area is super difficult. We´ll have an investigator that starts progressing and then moves away (happened twice already), our recent converts know everything about the Gospel but don´t live any of it, and our less-actives and even re-activated less actives have problems with health, work, etc. and even members of the ward who have been members of the church for years are falling away. But this sunday we were talking to the Bishop in our ward about these things. And he talked about how really, truly, these are the last days. And, the Curitiba Temple is in our area. So, OF COURSE Satan is working the hardest he can. I received an email this week that I loved: “… if the Church wasn’t true, Satan wouldn’t work so hard to oppose it.  The fact that there is opposition to the Church is evidence of the fact that the Church is true.  Satan would not waste his time and effort fighting against something that is false.  His efforts are laser focused on opposing and leading people away from truth.  So, when we encounter opposition from the adversary in our efforts to live and share the gospel, we can have increased confidence that we are actually doing what God wants us to do and that we are on His errand.“
Satan is working but we have to work harder.
I literally have no time. I love you all!
Sister Cox!
October 19, 2016 “Milagres”


So this week was full of adventures! We had a Zone Activity last p-day that was really exciting.
This week we went to teach a lesson as our last appointment of the day–and we got out of the lesson feeling pretty discouraged…and THEN, Curitiba happened and it started POURING. And we didn´t bring an umbrella…So at first we were like, You´ve got to be kidding me. But then we were like WOOO MISSION MEMORIES!! We arrived home literally drenched but it was fun! Good times!
On sunday we saw a lot of miracles! We had two investigators, Edeline and Julia come to church and two recent converts that had said earlier in the week that they wouldn´t come to church! They came! Woot woot! One of them has a son that was baptized the same time she was. And she´s been sending him to church but she never comes herself. And her son has been getting really sad because he loves his mom so much and wants her to come to church. And so this sunday we went to her house after going to pick up our investigators. We got a ride for our investigators and then went to Maria´s house– she was suprised when we showed up but we were like “COME ON MARIA LETS GO TO CHURCH!“ She had just woken up when we got there and so we helped her get ready and we got to church just in time for sacrament meeting– and when she walked in, her son, John Bryan, turned around and the look on his face was so priceless! He was so happy and got up and went to sit with his mom. It was such a sweet experience!
That´s all I have time for and I wish I could write more and organize my thoughts better every week. But just one last thing, we went to the temple today and it was such a wonderful thing. I love sitting in the Celestial Room–I was thinking about how so many people just don´t have any idea. There are some things you just can´t put into words and how I feel when I´m at the temple is one of them. Its like you´re in direct contact with Heaven. And the temple is the only place we can feel that.
I´m so grateful for the temple and for the Gospel and I love you all!
Boa semana!
Sister Cox


October 24, 2016 “Até o pó!”

So this week we learned that we can record our voices and send a recording to our families every week! Woot woot!



This week we helped one of our recent-converts move houses and it was super fun! She´s 78 years old and she has cloths and shoes até o pó! She also knits cool hats and so we wore hats while we helped clean and organize her new house. It was so so good. I love service and I love Angela ❤
Also, we are teaching a nine-year old girl named Mariana. She lives with a million of her cousins and family and she wants to be baptized! She is so sweet and so cute! We are really excited for her and to see her progress. She´s already been to church and she has a cousin and a friend that have already been baptised helping her a lot. She says she has really received an answer. We are really excited for her 🙂
Also this week we have been really anxious because next week is Zoo Transfers. Sister Costa has been in this area a really long time and so she will probably be transfered and I will stay here. I´m kind of freaking out. But it will all work out 🙂
Something I learned this week is that service is the best thing ever. I loved helping Angela with her house. I don´t know exactly how to explain it but service is something that makes you feel so happy inside and my testimony was strengthened a lot that when we serve, our love increases for that person and your love increases for the Lord and for those you serve with.
I love you all! Boa semana!
Service with Angela

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