Training Done Transfer One

8/8/2016 “Scraped knees, mold, and zoo transfers :)”

Another week in Brazil!

So…at the beginning of this week we were walking to the bus stop to go to a district meeting. And the bus started coming up the street and we weren´t at the bus stop yet. So we were scared we were gonna miss it. So we started running. And…I totally biffed it lol so two bleeding knees later we´re on the bus and made it to our district meeting on time haha. So this week I was working around bruised knees. It was an adventure haha 🙂 Tudo bem!
Also this week we cleaned our walls because S. Calevoso kept getting sick from the mold all over the place. It was so fun! Not the S. Calevoso getting sick part. That was sad 😦
 It was like…repentance. It was really gross and black and when we cleaned it up, it smelled REALLY bad. But afterwards, the wall was white and our house felt so clean and nice. haha #humidity #mofoatéópó (mold like nobody´s business) The funny thing is that we´ve been in that house for 12 weeks and just barely cleaned it up–don´t procrastinate the day of your repentance. Also, I haven´t gotten sick yet (except one day when I first arrived in Gralha Azul) so that´s always a good thing haha bênçãos.
We went to the temple to help our recent converts do baptisms for the dead–all the missionaries in our zone do that every transfer. And since our recent convert didn´t get in to an interview on time, we just helped with other missionaries´ recent converts. 🙂 But the temple is so pretty! We got there earlier than last time and so the sun was still out when we arrived there. You guys, Curitiba is beautiful. And then you just add a temple to the picture and its pretty much the Celestial Kingdom. I can´t wait to actually do a session there!! Hopefully sometime this transfer!
Mas então! This weekend was transferências! And I´ve been transferred to Campo Cumprido to be companions with Sister Costa (the sister I worked with for divisions!)!! Wooo hooo! We´re both super excited! Transfers are still going on so we´re in a trio right now! Sister Angulo is from México and Sister Costa is from Brazil and they are HILARIOUS. Oh my goodness its so much fun. I love them! Its going to be so sad when Sister Angulo´s companion arrives and we´re not in a trio anymore 😦 But its ok! Its been so fun! And I´ll still have Sister Costa and so it will be rad! She´s so super warm and fun and loving. Its gonna be great!
But yes…That was this week. This week I learned a lot about how we can have so much peace and so much happiness when we are obedient and honest. Honest with ourselves, honest with others and with our Heavenly Father. There´s no other way to gain the same divine peace than through being honest and having integrity 🙂
I love you all! Boa semana! 🙂
8/15/2016 “Costa and Cox”

First week in Campo Cumprido was probably the greatest thing of my life.

My companion is literally the greatest. She likes to eat food. We get along really well.
So yes. Transfers left us and our house and everything in kind of a mess– and the Sister that was there before me has a heart problem and so the work in this area has been kind of inconsistent. So this week we did lots of cleaning and organizing at home, lots of contacting, and lots of teaching. And it was so great! We had a lot of ups and downs–like how we had an investigator at church but the rest of the day the streets were full of drunk people and Brazilian thug music because yesterday was Dia dos Pais (Brazilian Father´s Day). But that´s just mission life I guess haha 🙂 Tudo bem!
But yeah let me tell you about our investigators! Rubia and Caio– a mom and her son! Rubia is so sweet and Caio is so cool! He´s 15 and is obsessed with the United States and Adrianna Grande (or some celebrity with a name like that…I don´t know!) But he´s super receptive and intelligent and listens and remembers everything we teach. We marked a date with him for 27 August woo hoo!
But yeah–wanna hear my Portuguese blunders from this week? We were making a teaching record for Caio. And the first time I tried writing his name on the teaching record, I wrote “Kyle“ because “Caio“ is pronounced like “Kyle`´ with a Brazilian accent. But then Sister Costa is like, “ that´s wrong.`´ And so I tried again and wrote “Caeo“ because the letter “i“ here is pronounced like we pronounce the letter “e“ and sister Costa was spelling the name for me… but I guess my handwriting is really weird because when she looked she thought I had written “Caco“ which is Portuguese for “poop“ She read it and just DIED lauging and I´m like What?? and she´s just like “CACO!!! HAHAHAHA!!“ It was hilarious hahaha
But yes. We had some good laughs this week. And also I learned more about love. And how sometimes we´re afraid to love someone completely because we know we aren´t going to be here forever–for me, I was thinking of how I´m in love with this area and these people and that´s going to make it really hard to leave. But we were reading a scripture in Corinthians with a less-active this week about charity–and how charity is the pure love of Christ. We know that Christ loves each one of us more than we could ever comprehend. But we also know that He suffered more than we could ever comprehend. And we also know that “charity suffereth long“. And so when we love, we are becoming like Christ. And since Christ already suffered, we don´t have to suffer loss when we love someone. We can love completely without that fear of suffering because we can turn to Him and He will take that suffering away. All He wants us to do is LOVE and enjoy it and be happy 🙂 I don´t even know if that makes any sense…it makes sense in my head haha
If you see my brother Adam this week SING HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Its his birthday on the 19th!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!! 12 YEARS OF AGE ROCKS!!!!!
I love you all! Boa semana para vocês!
Sister Cox
Sister Costa and Sister Cox–our last names are the names of different bones in the body (in Portugues) Costas= backbones and Cox (the pronunciation) = tailbone haha we´re really cool
Also, I ate this really awesome exotic fruit this week!
August 22, 2016 “When life gives you oranges…that are actually lemons…?”

So funny story–last week I sent an email and the Portuguese word for “poop“ is “Coco“ not “Caco“….Just thought I´d clear that up before I begin with this weeks happenings…

Anyways. So here in Brazil, the lemons are orange…so when I went to the really awesome fruit market last week and bought oranges…they were really lemons… haha tudo bem! #whenlifegivesyouoranges? ANNNDDD, when you ask “Is this an orange?“ no one will give you the same answer because they respond “No, thats a alskdhgo“ “No, thats a çlejrp´tu“ “No, thats a erpotuwqe“. You guys, an orange is an orange. These Curitibanos…
But this week was way good! Caio is progressing…Well, another funny story. So, we had marked a baptismal date for this coming Saturday, but it fell through because Caio didn´t come to church Sunday (that was a little complicated because we had Stake Conference). So we went to visit him last night and remarked a date with him for not this coming Saturday but the next one– and he asked “What time Saturday?“ and we said “7pm“ and then HE says “Oh…well…I don´t think that will work out because I have church 7pm Saturdays.“ My companion and I were like, Uhh….Ok, we obviously missed something here. We kind of panicked there for a second but cleared things up…hopefully…haha I´ll let you guys know in the week to come… OH and then we ended our message and Caio was like “Hey, say the prayer in English“ and I was like, “Oh…um…ok“ and I COULDN`T DO IT. I literally couldn´t remember the words—I´ve been praying in Portuguese since the CTM. Every single prayer. And when you´re a missionary, thats kind of a lot of prayers…. It was crazy. I couldn´t believe it. AH! Maybe I´ll get the hang of Portuguese after all haha 😛
So, at Stake Conference, one of our less-actives and one of our recent-converts received the Melquesideque Priesthood (how do you spell it in English? is it the same…?) and we were so happy and so excited for them! It was such a happy moment.
This week I was kind of amazed at the amount of love I feel for these people. My companion, Caio, Rubia, our little pool of investigators, our district and zone leaders, our President. I love them so much all I want to do is serve them–
This week was SUPER wet and SUPER cold and so Sister Costa got sick and we had to stay home one day because of the rain and cold. And S. Costa felt so bad that I had to stay inside all day when I wasn´t sick at all (I don´t know how that keeps happening…) But it was totally good with me because I got to serve Sister Costa and make her soup and ginger milk with honey (hot milk with ginger and honey–I learned it does great things for sore throat) and hot chocolate and juice. I loved serving her!
I love serving people here in Brazil and all our crazy adventures and learning this language and being a missionary!
I love you all! Boa semana!
Sister Cox
picture: my orange lemon
August 29, 2016 “Blusas, Brigas, e Brincos”

This week. Was an adventure.

So. Me and Sister Costa are kind of strange people. Last P-day we bought matching sweatshirts we found in the men´s section at this super cheap “everything“ store by the bus station where everything is 12R$ (about $3.50) Annddd we found this other sweater that was kind of too hilarious to resist–its pink and flowery and says “Live you dreams“ Sister Costa was like, “Oh these Brazilians, trying to speak english hahaha!“ It was great. Matching blusas!

We had divisions again this week! I went to another area to be companions with Sister Pattee for the day. A few funny things about this situation: I only have 4 months here in Curitiba, Sister Pattee is American with only 3 weeks in Curitiba, I didn´t know her area and we´re both Americans still learning how to be missionaries and how to speak Portuguese… Annnddd we knew eachother before the mission! We were in the same YSA ward at BYU and she lived in the apartment right below mine! haha It was really crazy. But yeah..we went to go visit a part-member family. When we got there, the mom had just left but they let us in… but the girls in the family were totally in the middle of an argument and then the little brothers joined and then the mom came back and joined in too. One person would leave, one would go after them, we would hear some screaming and yelling, they would come back, they would start yelling at eachother in front of us. And the whole time they´re all talking really fast and so I´m barely understanding what´s going on and poor Sister Pattee too…yeah…it was an adventure. I returned to Campo Cumprido and Sister Costa with a whole new appreciation and love for everyone and everything.#brigas #lessonlearned
But hey, on the other end of the spectrum, this weekend was really great! One of our recent converts is engaged to one of our other recent converts! Haha the funny thing is that Angela is 68 and Valdimo is 58. Moral of the story? ITS NEVER TOO LATE! You can´t put an age on love! Haha
And at church on Sunday Sister Costa´s grandma showed up! It was a really exciting, strange moment…? We called President and everything´s alright haha Her grandma gave us a bunch of stuff too–she´s so cute! I love these Brazilian grandma´s! They´re literally the greatest!
And wowza–so yesterday we were contacting in the street and we tried to talk to this rapaz (young man) but he signed that he couldn´t hear and just avoided us. This is the second time this has happened–encountering a deaf person in the street. And both times I´ve been so shocked that they´re deaf that my Portuguese totally slips and I say out loud “They can´t hear!“ haha But Sister Costa says that that´s so strange that in her 6 months on the mission she has only ever ran into deaf people with ME. AND DURP I totally haven´t taken advantage of it!! I don´t know how similar Portuguese sign language is to American sign language But yeah–I JUST realized yesterday that UM DUH TRY AND SIGN WITH THESE PEOPLE haha so next time I´ll do better haha
But this week I realized (re-realized) how grateful I am for the sacrament. We were explaining the importance of the sacrament to our 15 year old investigator this week. And we used the analogy that not taking the sacrament is like not taking a shower. Your body needs to be cleansed and renewed or else, like Caio informed us, you will get a rash in places you never want a rash. And so we need the sacrament to cleansed and renew our spirits. I know that baptism, the sacrament and repentance is the only way we can have that renewal to our spirits. The Sacrament is an incredible blessing to all of us!
I love you all! Boa semana para vocês!
Sister Cox
pictures: matching sweatshirts, divisions with Sister Pattee, earrings that Sister Costa´s mom sent us 🙂


September 5, 2016 “Inglês!”

This week was full of adventures! But I don´t have time to write them all how I want to. Que raiva hein?

Mas, tudo bem! This week we taught a lot more lessons and we found a new investigator named Darci! He (yes, he) is super duper sweet and accepted a baptismal date the first lesson! He has had a little contact with the church because he transports trees and landscaping–and he was the one who trasported the trees to the Curitiba temple! And he had already had some contact with other Evangelist churches but he said he never felt anything and was never interested and never let missionaries (Jehova´s Witnesses or others) past his gate. But the other day when we were knocking doors on his street we saw him sitting on his front porch and I waved to him. A couple days later we knocked/clapped at his gate and he let us in. And in the middle of the lesson he asked “What are you doing that´s making me feel this way?“ BOOM– Its called the Spirit wanna get baptized? Haha he´s pretty much golden and we´re super excited to work with him this week 🙂 We´re still teaching Caio but he hasn´t come to church since the first week we were teaching him so his baptismal date keeps falling through 😦 But we have faith he will get baptized eventually!
Also, we started teaching an English class this week as a way to get referals! It was the greatest thing of my life. Everyone here knows a little English but its kind of funny because most of the time its totally wrong or its something they´ve heard from songs by Adel or Bioncé. Fazer o que neh? haha
I´m super grateful to be here in Campo Cumprido! The members here are so wonderful and I´m starting to realize just how fun and crazy and wonderful Brazilians are haha Its the best! Heavenly Father has definitely blessed me with the best of everything here! Its still really hard but I love it!
Love you all! Boa semana!
Sister Cox
English class and Caio! Also we figured out that “Caio“ in English is “Kyle“ so I was right the first time! He really likes Arianna Grande…this kid haha


September 12, 2016 “Cookies Demais?”

This week…

This week was interesting…Just to give you an idea, one of our less-actives has a son that got sent to prison, our super awesome investigator has an ex-brother-in-law (how does that even work?) who is a pastor of another church that was visiting and so our investigator didn´t want to visit with us this week, lots of our recent converts don´t want to go to church aannnddd me and Sister Costa were eating cookies alllll week long…Annndd my trainer S.Calevoso finished her mission and she´s home now–and she´s dating an elder that served in Campo Cumprido the transfer before I got here…its really strange…what even is dating??
But yeah. The last couple weeks we´ve been working on knocking on doors of this one street–we´re convinced it is a blessed street. We´ve found new people to teach there and had an investigator come to church! He´s super sweet and old and we have high hopes ;P But it was kind of funny because his hearing isn´t all that great and he´s really independent…so as soon as he knew what class or what room to go to, he almost completely ignored us and just WENT. We were like, “Um. Ok cool haha“ but then church ended and he was OUT of there. We barely caught him before he left! haha So I guess we´ll see about that one haha
Also a few other highlights from this week:
-Family night with the family of our recent converts (the old couple that´s getting married soon) We shared a message about missionary work and they got really excited to share the Gospel! The dad of the family is literally Brother Jensen speaking Portuguese haha!
-Cookies até ó pó–literally I never want to eat cookies ever again.
-We found a little friend on our floor–this tiny little lizard. But I didn´t want to pick it up and Sister Costa even less so…and so I put a tupperware over him…and then forgot about him…and he might have died a little bit…poor guy…
-English class again! We had new people! One of which is a recent convert named Lucas and he is a fan of Harry Potter–to the point that he died his hair red and wears some form of Hogwarts attire every day haha
Also not this sunday, but a couple weeks ago I forgot to tell about how the Primary President called us into primary to bear our testimonies–Two elders and sister Costa and I–and when we were standing in the front, one of the little boys said “Olha! Agora tem três marrons!“ (Look! Now there are three brown people!“) and my companion was like; “Sim! E uma branca!“ (“Yeah and one white!“) Good to know no matter what country you´re in, children always have something awesome to say 🙂
I love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week!
-my companion is really cool
-that moment when brazil doesn´t have chocolate chips and so you resort to chopping a chocolate bar
-cookies demais



September 12, 2016 “Estamos em Greve”

Oi gente!

Então, eu quero escrever em Português mas se faço isso, ninguém vai me-entender…infelizmente…Mas esta tudo bem!
This week was the last week of the transfer! There were a lot of changes, but the good news is that me and Sister Costa are staying together here in Campo Cumprido! But like I said, there were still a lot of changes. Before this transfer our area was split into two parts (Campo Cumprido A & Campo Cumprido B) And so me and Sister Costa worked in one half of the area/ward Campo Cumprido and a companionship of Elders worked in the other half of the area/ward. But this transfer, President took the Elders out of the area and left all of it to me and Sister Costa–so now we will be working with the whole ward/area instead of just one half. So it should be interesting… We´re a little anxious but we´re excited! We´ve got our work cut out for us haha We were so sad though! Our district was so cool! But it will all work out! New transfer, new district, new people! Woo hoo!
One of the highlights from this week was a lesson we had with a family– the dad of the family is less-active but the mom isn´t a member. They have two little kids: a 7 yr old daughter and a 2 yr old son. Their progress is pretty slow because we can only teach all of them together once a week– and its been difficult because their kids are kind of craazzzyyy and the 2 yr old José likes to throw EVERYTHING. (The lesson about the Plan of Salvation a couple weeks ago was interesting…we brought pictures…needless to say they ended up in allll kinds of places.) So THIS week I was kind of anxious about teaching them because the Spirit hadn´t really been able to testify to Luciene (the mom) because she was always stressed out about her crazy two year old. But this time we brought a member with us–André. And wowza it was so awesome. We taught them the Restoration and used a video (videos are great). The kids were totally calm the whole time and Luciene totally opened up and was so much more relaxed. The Spirit was so there! I was really grateful for that moment because it was a moment where Luciene could have a spiritual experience and really understand and feel the truthfulness of the Restoration.
This week I also learned that we have to be bold. We have the truth. And not just a peice of it, we have ALL of it. And if we aren´t bold enough to share it with conviction and clarity, the Spirit can´t testify of its truthfulness. We can´t be wishy-washy about the truth. The world is so full of wishy-washy-ness its rediculous. We can´t be like the world. We have to be bold!
Share your testimony with someone this week!
Boa semana! Amo vocês!
Sister Cox
-I didn´t take pictures this week lol but heres a sign the mission secretary gave to us: all the banks that are closing put up a bunch of these signs on their windows. Its so not funny but it is…

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